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  • The Air Capital

    Wichita, KS. is the Air Capital of the World. General Aviation was founded here, with legendary Companies such as Cessna, Stearman and Travel Air.

  • Wartime

    The IAM grew with Wichita. District Lodge 70 was chartered in 1942, and the union workforce helped win World War II at the Bomber Plant in Southeast Wichita, with thousands of Rosie the Riveters working around the clock.

  • Peacetime

    With the end of the war, Boeing made airliners in Wichita, and general aviation took off, and Wichita continued to boom with Cessna, Beechcraft, and in the sixties, Learjet started production in Wichita.

  • The Union Advantage

    With tens of thousands of unionized workers in Wichita earning high paychecks and good benefits, Wichita prospered. Aircraft workers spent their money at local merchants, fueling the local economy and fed the tax base, so Wichita could have god schools and Police and Fire protection.

  • Hard Bargaining

    Aviation companies pull money from around the world, and the paychecks for workers are how the money from the companies benefits the local community. The IAM bargains hard to make sure Wichita gets its cut, and the strikes occur from time to time are a benefit to the community in the long run.

  • The Greatest Aerospace Workers In The World

    Wichita has a history of aerospace manufacturing clear back to the beginning of the industry. Wichita aircraft workers are multi-generational, with the craftsmanship passed down through three and four generations. Most aircraft workers have grandfathers or grandmothers who worked in the plants.

  • Highly Skilled Workforce

    Aircraft is in the blood of Wichita Machinists members. The skills and knowledge are passed down through the generations in and out of the factories, but pride is the most important factor that makes Wichita great.

  • Skills For The Future

    The Machinists Union doesn’t just bargain for pay and benefits. We look to the future, and realize that a highly-skilled workforce is important to keep jobs in Wichita. So, we bargain with the companies for increased skills training, and lobbied and worked with the local government and the companies to help create the National Center for Aviation Training in Wichita.

  • The Last Great American Industry

    As corporations climb on the outsourcing bandwagon, so many of our industry have left our shores. The aerospace industry is the last one where America still leads on innovation and quality. The Machinists Union bargains with our companies and lobbies our government, both local and national, to keep the industry in America – and Wichita.

  • Breaking New Ground

    The IAM in 2010 negotiated a ground-breaking partnership contract with Spirit AeroSystems that guaranteed that all jobs remained in Wichita for the 10 years of the contract. The IAM tries to put job guarantees into our contracts, and lobbies the government to include job guarantees in government assistance.

  • Support Our Community

    The Machinists Union and its members support the AFL-CIO and United Way partnership, giving millions of dollars every year, volunteering for charity, and being there when disaster hits, such as tornadoes and storms. The IAM is there when our community needs us.

  • Wichita Strong, Wichita Proud

    The Machinists Union has been an important part of Wichita for decades, and we’re here to make sure the aerospace industry stays in Wichita and Wichita remains the Air Capital of the World.

International Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers, AFL-CIO, District 70
3830 S. Meridian, Wichita, Kansas 67217
Office: (316) 522-1591 Fax: (316) 522-1538
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