Women's History Month Profiles: Maryam Chudnoff

Women’s History Month Profiles: Maryam Chudnoff

Maryam Chudnoff

This year, for Women’s History Month, we’re taking a look at a group of leaders who are currently active making women’s history across the labor movement. Check back daily for a new profile and meet some of the people working to improve not only their community, but also to improve conditions for working people across the country. Today’s profile is Maryam Chudnoff of AFSCME.

Maryam Chudnoff is a registered nurse at the University of New Mexico Family Health Clinic-Southeast Heights in Albuquerque and a proud member of AFSCME. She truly embodies solidarity—not just at work, but in her community as well. With the help of the Islamic Center of New Mexico, Chudnoff and several others established a food distribution center for people in need. She knows her co-workers, neighbors and communities are stronger when we all stand together.

Kenneth Quinnell
Fri, 03/11/2022 – 10:00

Updated: March 15, 2022 — 9:05 pm