Biden-Harris Administration Policies Having a Positive Impact on Workers’ Lives

The Machinists Union is giving high marks for the Biden-Harris administration’s one-year anniversary in office, which has included the passage of pro-worker, pro-democracy legislation that supports and grows the labor movement.

“The Biden-Harris administration’s policies are good for working families, including IAM members who have benefited from the actions of this administration,” said IAM International President Robert Martinez Jr. “When I met with the administration at the beginning of their term, I advocated for investment in infrastructure that will benefit American workers and communities. President Biden kept his promise to strengthen Buy American laws and support extending much-needed economic relief to all workers, including our members in the airlines, manufacturing and transportation industries. The IAM looks forward to continuing to work with the Biden-Harris administration to move the pro-worker, pro-democracy agenda.”

Highlights of the Biden-Harris administration’s first year in office include: 

Passage of the worker-centric American Rescue Plan:

  • $1.9 trillion in COVID-19 relief to working people
  • Saved tens of thousands of IAM jobs in the airlines and public transit, including Amtrak.
  • Billions of dollars for state and local governments and schools.
  • $28 million for the Railroad Retirement Board, the governing body that oversees the distribution of benefits to our railroad workforce, to overhaul its vastly outdated IT system and hire staff to better assist the agency in the surge in unemployment and sickness applications and claims
  • $1,400 stimulus checks for working families and the expanded Child Tax Credit.

Passage of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, a $1 trillion bipartisan bill that will create good union jobs in manufacturing, automotive, transit, and many more industries.

Appointed union member and former Boston Mayor Marty Walsh as U.S. Secretary of Labor.

Appointed pro-union, pro-worker National Labor Relations Board members and is reviewing and overturning anti-worker rulings from the previous administration’s NLRB.

Signed executive orders that have expanded Buy American, protected the job security of Service Contract Act workers, raise federal worker pay and require government contractors to pay a $15 minimum wage.

Nominated pro-union lawyers to lead the National Labor Relations Board.

Nominated former Machinists Union legal fellow Deirdre Hamilton to the National Mediation Board(NMB)

Signed executive order to ensure quality jobs for Service Contract Act workers on federal contracts.

Fighting for passage of the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act, Build Back Better and voting rights legislation.

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Updated: January 25, 2022 — 11:28 am