IAM Headquarters Adapts Staffing to Membership Needs

As you know, 2020 was an unprecedented year for the world and our union. Changes to the economic climate have resulted in a drop in Machinists Union membership. IAM leadership reacted swiftly with organizational changes to match the changing environment.

“While we are working around the clock to ensure that every member who has been laid off or furloughed will return to work shortly, we were forced to adapt, merge and restructure some departments and duties at IAM Headquarters to be in a better position for the present and future,” said IAM International President Robert Martinez Jr. “The Machinists Union is poised to fight for our membership now, and long into the future no matter what challenges arise.”

In addition to the staff and department changes below, there were multiple retirements at IAM Headquarters and in the Territories.

“On behalf of the Executive Council and the IAM membership, I want to thank all of the recent retiring staff for their years of dedication and service the membership and working families across North America,” said Martinez.

Below is a list of notable changes:

Accounting: Greg Santiago takes over as the Assistant Controller following the retirement of Kim Jerome. Santiago has been with the IAM for nearly 20 years and previously served as the Payroll and Pension Supervisor since 2004.

Communications: Jonathan Battaglia now takes over as the Communications Director. Battaglia served as the Assistant Director since 2017 and has worked in the Communications Department since March 2013. He takes over for Director Robert Wood, who retired after over 40 years in the IAM.

Government Employees: With the retirement of previous Director Jim Price, Collective Bargaining Director Craig Norman assumes the duties of that department, including Metal Trades.

Legal: Carla Siegel is now the IAM’s General Counsel. Siegel joined the IAM in 2003 as an Associate General Counsel and was promoted to slot88 Deputy General Council in 2010. She replaces the retiring Mark Schneider, who held that position since 2013.

Pension/GST: Misty Robeson takes over as the Pension Administrative Manager. The position was open due the retirement of long-time Pension Administrative Manager Lisa Isabel.

Political and Legislative: With the retirement of Political Director Rick de la Fuente, Legislative Director Hasan Solomon will assume the dual role of Political and Legislative Director. De la Fuente has served the Machinists Union at Grand Lodge for 20 years and is a 42-year member. Legislative Department Assistant Directors Monica Silbas and Loren Almeroth will also assume dual roles of Political and Legislative Assistant Directors.

Safety and Health: Michael Oathout takes over as Director of Safety and Health. Oathout previously held the position of IAM CREST Project Coordinator/Instructor for the past three years and has been with the IAM for 15 years. The vacancy was created from the retirement of Director Jim Reid, who served in daftar situs judi slot online terpercaya that position for the past five years and was an IAM member for nearly 40 years.

Strategic Resources: David White is the new Strategic Resources Director. White has been with the IAM for 20 years and previously served as the Strategic Resources Assistant Director. The position became available through the retirement of Neil Gladstein, who served the IAM for nearly 25 years.

Veterans Program, Community Services and Disaster Relief: Retirees and Membership Assistance Director Ed Manhart will assume the duties of the IAM Veteran’s Program and the IAM Assistance Program. Director Carlos San Miguel led the programs until retiring in July 2020.

Women’s, Human Rights and Young Workers Department: The Women’s, Human Rights and Young Workers Department is now directed by Carla Siegel due to the retirement of Director Rhonda Rogers, who served in that position since 2017.

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Updated: February 28, 2022 — 12:39 am