IAM Local 4 Healthcare Members Secure Strong New Agreement With HMR

IAM Local 4 (District 4) members at Charlotte Hall Veterans Home in Maryland recently won a new, improved three-year successor contract with HMR of Maryland. The contract covers nearly 200 IAM members in a broad range of classifications, from healthcare staff, like Certified Nursing Assistants and Medicine Aids, to skilled trades and technical workers, like Electricians, Carpenters, and Medical Equipment Technicians.

The top-of-the-industry healthcare agreement contains many highlights, including pay increases of approximately 10.5% over the life of the contract, no change to group insurance coverage or premium costs while securing improvements in time-off language that will allow employees after one full year of service, at any time, to request a cash payment instead of taking time off. Another gain achieved is two additional floating holidays for employees with 20 years or more of regular full-time seniority. 

“Our members and negotiating team displayed solidarity throughout negotiations, which resulted in a strong agreement,” said Mark Duval, District 4 Assistant Directing Business Representative.“This contract affords our members with improvements that will help secure the futures of our members and their families. I want to thank GVP Sullivan and his staff for their support during negotiations.” 

 “We honor our veterans when we invest in the dedicated staff who care for them,” said IAM Eastern Territory General Vice President David Sullivan. “This victory is an example of IAM’s growing power in the healthcare industry, where we represent thousands of workers in veteran’s facilities, nursing homes, and hospitals. Healthcare workers are organizing with IAM because they know a strong union contract makes the highest quality of patient care possible.”

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Updated: December 19, 2022 — 9:42 am