Kanno Sugako

Kanno Sugako- Japan, a Japanese feminist, Japan’s first female journalist, advocate of women’s rights, and author. Her life ended abruptly when she was executed for her part in a plot to assassinate the Emperor. She remains the only woman to be executed in Japan for treason. Sugako had admitted her guilt in the plot, as had her half-dozen or so co-conspirators.

In her prison diary she wrote: “Needless to say, I was prepared for the death sentence. My only concern day and night was to see as many of my… fellow defendants saved as possible… I am convinced our sacrifice is not in vain. It will bear fruit in the future. I am confident that because I firmly believe my death will serve a valuable purpose I will be able to maintain my self-respect until the last moment on the scaffold. I will be enveloped in the marvelously comforting thought that I am sacrificing myself for the cause. I believe I will be able to die a noble death without fear or anguish.”(Working Class History)

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