TCU President Maratea Continues to Hit-The-Road and Meets Members at Disney World

TCU is one of the six unions in the Service Trades Council Union (STCU). We represent members in a variety of job classifications between resorts, parks, transportation and recreation. This week, National President Maratea visited with TCU members, Shop Stewards and Business Agents.

His visits included the opportunity to interact with members both on and off “stage” getting a behind the scenes look at the variety of tasks our members perform on a daily basis.

President Maratea said: “I’ve been waiting for months to meet with the members face to face. It is critical for me to see for myself what our members do and what they deal with on the property.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic Disney World shut down completely for only the third time in its fifty (50) year history. As a result of that shutdown practically every employee was furloughed. Thanks to the hard work and negotiations of the Union, our members continued to receive pay for the initial furlough period. In addition all furloughed members continued to receive their health insurance at zero cost to the employee for the entire furlough.

Today, although Disney World is operating in a limited capacity, an overwhelming majority of our members are back to work and every single member has been offered the opportunity to return to work in a temporary position until their position returns.

President Maratea continued “with the uncertain job status of many furloughed members, the Union has been the reliable source of information and support. The company often sends the employee to the union to answer the tough questions. I’m proud of our TCU National Field Representatives, Staci Bowermeister-Shkoler, William White and Ben Ramirez who oversee the day to day operation for our members. They go above and beyond to keep our members working and answering the tough questions. I also want to thank our Shop Stewards and the members for pulling through and doing their very best during these very tough times.

I would also encourage all of our members to make getting vaccinated a priority. Disney World has done a good job providing opportunities for their Employees to receive a vaccine. I can’t stress enough how important that is for things to continue to move forward in this positive direction. Things are really looking up and I am confident all our members will be back to work soon.”

Click here to see the pictures on the TCU Instagram feed.

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Updated: May 17, 2021 — 7:46 am