Black History Month Profiles: Kwami Barnes

Black History Month Profiles: Kwami Barnes

Kwami Barnes

This year, for Black History Month, we’re taking a look at a group of leaders who are currently active making Black history across the labor movement. Check back daily for a new profile and meet some of the people working to improve not only their community, but also to improve conditions for working people across the country. Today’s profile is Kwami Barnes.

Kwami Barnes, is a proud 20-year member of CWA. He currently serves as a union steward, and formerly a chief and assistant chief steward of CWA Local 4603 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. A graduate of the CWA Minority Leadership Institute, Barnes has been an active member on his local’s legislative/political and civil rights committees. He has had the honor of working with organizations such as the Poor People’s Campaign (PPC), where he mobilized with his fellow union members and community allies to bring awareness to the unfair distribution of wealth, equity, basic healthcare, education and other problems in our country. He has led efforts to train and engage other activists with the PPC and other community organizations like the Working Families, Fight for Fifteen and Voces de la Frontera.

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