Black History Month Profiles: Wydetta Carter

Black History Month Profiles: Wydetta Carter

Wydetta Carter

This year, for Black History Month, we’re taking a look at a group of leaders who are currently active making Black history across the labor movement. Check back daily for a new profile and meet some of the people working to improve not only their community, but also to improve conditions for working people across the country. Today’s profile is Wydetta Carter of Actors’ Equity.

First Vice President Wydetta Carter has served on many committees and negotiating teams throughout her 30-plus years as an Equity member, and is currently serving as one of the leads on the negotiating team for touring and as chair of the Chicago Area Theatre Committee. Carter’s other priorities include membership education, proactive communication and a push onward for diversity, equity and inclusion in all areas of the theater industry. “One of my mottos for Equity is TALK,” she said. “Transparency. Action. Leadership. Knowledge.” She is the first Black officer to serve the union in over 40 years, and the highest-ranking Black woman in the history of Equity.

Kenneth Quinnell
Thu, 02/03/2022 – 11:20

Updated: February 6, 2022 — 2:00 pm